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Many women with large breasts endure various physical discomforts such as back pain, breathing problems, and poor posture. Very often, they are also unhappy with their appearance. These women may benefit from breast reduction surgery.

In general, gynecomastia occurs from an imbalance of the two sex hormones. Men have both androgens (the hormones that control hair growth, regulate muscle size, and aid in the development of a deep voice), and estrogens (the hormone responsible for female characteristics). So, in general, estrogen levels are higher than androgens, causing a moderate increase in breast size. It is important to understand that over half of the male population develop gynecomastia during puberty.

Sometimes, gynecomastia is a result of side effects of certain medications, a natural decrease of testosterone in older males, or associated with diseases or metabolic disorders that affect male hormones.


Cancer chemotherapy

Chronic liver disease

Deficiency of testosterone

Exposure to anabolic steroid hormones

Exposure to estrogen hormone

Hormone treatment for prostate cancer

Kidney failure and dialysis

Marijuana use

Radiation treatment of the testicles

Side effects of some medications




Breast Surgeries


Face lift




Plastic surgery